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Bonomi Pattini, innovative and eco-sustainable materials for Furniture and Craft

1 July 2022

Interview with Dr. Alessandro Francesco Bonomi Pattini, CEO Bonomi Pattini Giuseppe e Figli S.p.A


The Bonomi Pattini Group has been present for over forty years in the world of Design and Architecture with a wide range of innovative and eco-sustainable materials intended for the Furniture and Craft Industry. In 1979 Bonomi Pattini Giuseppe e Figli was born in the heart of Brianza (Italy), an activity mainly concentrated on the sale of wood panels. In 1983, with the increase in the volume of business and the variety of materials offered to its customers, it moved its headquarters to meet the need to create a centralized warehouse, until it finally settled in its current headquarters in Varedo. After over twenty years of success, in 2000 the Company transformed into Bonomi Pattini Giuseppe e Figli S.p.A., also developing important national and international partnerships to guarantee its customers an offer of innovative, eco-sustainable and cutting-edge materials.

In 2010 the first company joined the Group: Coppo Legno in Padua, followed by Sincowood in Pordenone in 2014, PBS Legnami in Turin and Lara Compensati in Brescia in 2015, and finally Paganoni Legno in Bergamo in 2018. The Bonomi Pattini Group is therefore present throughout Northern Italy to ensure rapid logistical transport services and with the aim of expanding the Group’s presence on the national territory, the company Pesaro Pannelli was established. which, with its 8,300 square meters of warehouse, will carry out its trade in products related to the furniture, design and construction sector in the Marche region. Attitude to change, predisposition to challenges, constant pursuit of innovation and openness to new frontiers are the added value of the Bonomi Pattini Group, thanks to a concrete presence within the territory in which it operates.


The opening of a new space in Pesaro is part of a growth strategy for the company. How did you choose this location?

“The opening of the new branch in the Marche is part of a broader expansion strategy of the Group’s companies within highly active areas in the furniture, furnishing and design sectors. The area is in fact commonly referred to as the “Pesaro furniture district” and, since the 1960s, it has grown more and more, thus representing the best place for the natural expansion of the Group towards central Italy, with the aim of creating new opportunity for the territory itself by offering an efficient and high quality service.”


In the future, do you have any plans to extend your presence throughout the country?

“In the last twenty years the number of companies belonging to our Group has grown to seven, we are constantly evolving. Driven by the need to ensure an increasingly punctual and timely service to our customers, we are always looking for new challenges, in order to satisfy all the requests of our customers. For this reason we do not exclude improving our territorial capillarity by expanding our presence over time to cover the whole national territory.”


All this, combined with a selection of Brands with innovative and cutting-edge technical characteristics, allows the Group to present itself as a real point of reference for the world of Architecture and Interior Design.

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