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Dalcnet at Light Middle East 2021 in Dubai

20 September 2021

The main international fair in Middle East, dedicated to decorative lighting and building automation solutions


Light Middle East 2021 will be among the most important events of the year regarding lighting design and technology solutions and will take place from 28 to 30 September 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The topics covered are many and Dalcnet will present the best solutions for the control of decorative, architectural, outdoor and indoor LED lighting. The event will also be accompanied by a discussion forum that will offer ideas and reflections on the evolution of the lighting, home automation and home building automation sector.


Smart lighting and IoT

Lighting fixtures, combined with specific control systems and IoT ecosystems, can positively impact the well-being and health of the individuals who use them, through lighting systems with advanced sensing, optical communications and location services. Such lighting systems require the use of wired and wireless connectivity to be connected to the Internet.

However, as the world of standards and protocols is evolving, manufacturers and lighting solution experts must adapt products to lighting market trends, especially when combined with the IoT environment and advanced lighting control systems’ lighting. Dalcnet develops LED dimmers and control units compatible with the main control protocols such as Casambi, DMX and DALI, thus proposing innovative and technologically advanced solutions.


Sustainability, energy efficiency and zero impact buildings

The environmental impact of buildings has become increasingly evident. Many organizations recognize the value of green buildings and sustainability as part of their responsibility for something beyond the corporate business. Green and sustainable practices within commercial buildings result in healthier and more resource efficient operation and maintenance patterns. Thanks to smart lighting solutions it is possible to improve the energy yields of buildings and thus contribute to the development of green lighting projects.


Outdoor, public space and landscape lighting

The right architectural outdoor lighting can transform a space. It allows us to use public spaces at night and can transform a dark and dingy thoroughfare into a lighted activity center. Lighting provides safe and attractive places to gather. In busy cities, the need for open, public spaces continues beyond daylight hours. The use of certified products made to be exposed to atmospheric agents improves the performance of the entire lighting system, extending its operational life.


Commercial lighting dedicated to the retail market

Lighting is one of the components that most of all enhances the customer experience. Restaurants, hotels, shops and malls have used lighting design to guide customers to their business. For retailers who have not yet invested in their lighting design, this is the time to understand how it affects the perception of their product or brand. The solutions that will be presented during Light Middle East 2021 cover the entire spectrum of professional LED lighting and specifically Dalcnet is able to offer products for:

  • Technical lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • LED lamps
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Cables and conductors
  • Home & Building Automation

Light Middle East is an event attended by a heterogeneous audience of specialized visitors, buyers and technicians including:

  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Lighting designers and consultants
  • Systems integrators
  • Hotel operators and developers
  • Contractors and electrical designers
  • Distributors and builders
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