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Flexible silicone LED strips with 360° circular colour luminous flux

17 June 2022

The professional LED lighting industry was conquered by the neon flex linear strips and the solution exclusively proposed by Digimax that won the Red Dot Award, one of the most coveted design awards in the world. In the wake of this success, Digimax is ready to offer a new upgrade strongly requested by the lighting industry: the RGB circular neon flex LED strip.


To win this significant recognition have been evaluated elements such as innovation, quality and functionality of the product, together with the aesthetic features combining elegance, utility and emotion.


How to best use silicone LED strips for designer accent lighting?

Compared to the standard white neon flex, this latest update includes improvements to increase the versatility of use within concept stores and high-impact scenic presentations. The light source maintains the most relevant product certifications (UKCA, CE and ROHS) with high luminous efficiency. The process and technology followed for the extrusion of the silicone material guarantee high light transmission and an excellent level of protection and resistance to saline solutions, acids, corrosive gases and UV rays.

The incredible effect given by the uniform lighting surface without shadow areas, combined with the flexibility and elegance of this lighting method, makes it one of the most used products in showrooms and retail windows. But the news does not end there: the flexible lighting solution with a 360° luminous surface is available in new versions, including RGB, PIXEL and 48Vdc, and a length of up to 20 meters. Using the latest versions of NNR25 Colours it will be possible to give new design light to any project, guaranteeing surprising effects.


The first silicone LED strip using Free-Cutting technology

The new version of the 360° circular neon LED strip offers a feature that makes it the object of desire of lighting designers and installers: it is adjustable in length in a simple and functional way, guaranteeing all the technical characteristics. Thanks to the particular extrusion process and the Free-Cutting technology, it is possible to cut the 24V white LED strips per pixel with complete autonomy. Simple and effective.


Which are the technical features of the circular LED strip in the standard version?

Using NNR25 the fantasy turns into reality. There are no limits to the possible lighting applications. Light source: LM80 standard and high light transmission. Material and the integrated extrusion moulding technology: it offers a high level of protection and insulation. Optical design: Lighting surfaces are uniform and shadow-free with optimal light distribution. Material design: silicon grants excellent flexibility and incredible resistance; the appearance is pleasant and elegant both to the touch and the eye

Certifications: UL, CE and ROHS

Technical features: high resistance to saline solutions, UV rays, acids and corrosive gases, 36,000 hours duration and a 3-year warranty.


WHITE or RGB version, which one to choose?

Both versions maintain a diameter of 25mm, ensuring the same resistance and flexibility. The light is spread evenly for excellent visual comfort. The white version advised as a design light source is captivating, pleasant, and suitable for architectural lighting. On the other hand, the RGB version guarantees a “WOW” effect, as the ability to program scenarios and animation flows attracts attention amazingly.


Digimax offers the best solutions to develop professional lighting projects.

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