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Giada System, shedding light on Retail

10 March 2023

Giada System is a simple way to manage the lighting at home and in any other environment, such as Retail spaces. Thanks to its automatic proximity connection, everything becomes immediate and responsive, easy to manage and control. After downloading the free Giada App and connecting it to the dedicated modules, the tool perfectly interacts with the lighting system. Once installed the App in a smartphone, its highly intuitive interface makes it possible to manage, control and calibrate the single luminaire or the entire lighting system. The first configuration steps are simple: when started, the App searches for the pre-set Giada System modules connect to them and creates a complete management network. Once configured, the devices can start creating scenarios and managing them quickly and practically.

Giada functions include different functional possibilities: from the starting screen, it is possible to select and dim the single luminaire, thus starting to create the first lighting scenes adaptable to the various display needs. The first steps are naming lights, customising the lighting fixtures and identifying the sequences to manage and command. In a few gestures, it is then possible to associate a light scene with a series of luminaires, creating a group within the Retail space or shop windows; this mode allows the user to recall a setting, vary or implement it in a fast and precise way. The following steps regard various adjustments such as colour, temperature (degrees of white) and dimming.

Thanks to the large colour ring, different gradations and nuances are available for the connected luminaires. Depending on the displayed goods, it is thus possible to enhance or dampen a tone. By rotating the thumb on the coloured ring, it is possible to associate a colour, even white, with each luminaire or its group. A second regulation, even more functional, is the white light colour temperature control. Adjusting the slider makes it possible to switch from cold to warmer white, almost yellow-white, for a pleasant candle effect. This adjustment is essential for correct colour reading and requires greater attention and sensitivity. An incorrect or poorly calibrated tone of white strongly influences the chromatic perception of any object, such as clothing, consequently influencing the purchase.

Another available regulation is the sources dimming; from zero to one hundred, thus allowing the creation of suggestive and engaging scenes. During the presentation of a collection or the unveiling of a product, adjusting the light intensity is essential to create a pleasant waiting atmosphere. Using Giada System, it is possible to create groups, rooms or light associations and govern them in a coordinated way, to create and select scenarios, environments and colours according to the particular need. The system also has two additional pluses. The first is the possibility of programming the lights and recalling the pre-set scenarios, making them automatic, following the programming previously entered. The second plus is the speed and ease of activation for the daily or weekly choice of the programmed scenes. You can make infinite daily programming and decide which days of the week to make them active with just one click.


Giada System is a simple and intuitive lighting adjustment and control device allowing the user “to play” with light and its effects. Thanks to its multiple and intuitive functions, the luminaire management App becomes a valuable tool in sales and presentations within a showroom or shop.


Giada System

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