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1 February 2022

Our work makes yours better: the hashtag chosen by Ivars for 2022 is #restart, which fully embodies the themes of recovery and renewed growth. Yet caution is warranted, perhaps, given that this almost 2-year-long epidemic is not yet over, but an idea embraced with conviction and optimism


2022 kicks off with new perspectives: firstly for the global economy, with signs of recovery now evident across all major industrialized countries – Italy included – and secondly for IVARS S.p.A., a company celebrating its 75th anniversary which has much to tell the market an impressive product range. As a testimony to this recovery, Ivars has focussed on increasingly versatile sales strategies and products, which clients can use to design and assemble personalized and unique seats, perfectly suited to meet their needs. The huge versatility of the product offering embodies perfectly a corporate philosophy which focusses on the individual – enshrined in Ivars’s slogan “man at the centre”. This means clients can select individual seating components, several independent elements, or complete assembly-ready products.

Ivars is versatile by nature, as its 75-year history clearly testifies: founded in 1947, the company has seen many historic crises and recoveries (just like the one now), but has always managed to adapt and take back control of its destiny by offering products and solutions focussed on keeping “man at the centre”, coupled with an ongoing strategy of diversification and improvement. With its range of three seating selections, Ivars is able to offer the market infinite assembly and customization possibilities: first there is Office, which is subdivided into simply-styled Start Up seating, the enhanced functionality of Operative, the more formal styling of Executive, and finally Directional, for more important and exclusive settings. Then there is the Classic selection, featuring all of Ivars’s most historic models. And finally the Community collection with products for the Ho.Re.Ca industry (catering, hotels, and bars) as well as for meeting/business areas, schools, public areas and the healthcare sectors.  No two seats are alike and clients can choose freely to meet their specific tastes and needs, knowing they can count on a supplier – or rather a partner – with immense expertise.

Even solutions for community areas reflect the company’s versatile nature, as they provide the perfect welcome and comfort for the areas they are intended to be used in. The Community range mentioned above represents a gamble for Ivars in 2022, since the much-hoped-for recovery also depends on people being able to meet, socialise, and spend time together – all opportunities we’ve been deprived of over the past two years. While the Office range will offer the most interesting and innovative features over the forthcoming year – innovations capable of meeting business needs both in the corporate sector as well as increasingly common home working settings. Lockdowns have forced us to adapt to new ways of working. And when working from home, too, selecting a comfortable seat that meets specific needs is essential to ensuring a healthy, productive working environment.

For Ivars, being ready to offer original designs and effective products across all its ranges will enable it to further expand business and seize opportunities as they arise. Ivars’s strengths are its vast product range, coupled with technical expertise capable of meeting any assembly need. Together, these ensure it enjoys a level of technical and production expertise unmatched in Italy, representing a perfect example of the very best in Made-in-Italy manufacturing. Indeed, Ivars manufactures and processes all materials entirely within its own premises. The main headquarters is based in the province of Brescia and core management of the business is here. It is also home to the engineering and technical departments – cornerstones of the company’s history as well as development drivers for Ivars going forwards.

2020 and 2021 have been years dogged by emergencies and setbacks. At last, 2022 promises to be the year of the #restart. Ivars is ready to seize the moment and face the challenges and opportunities that the market will present over the coming months. The 75th anniversary marks a milestone in the history of the company and, like all great achievements, it also represents a time to restart. So Ivars’s #restart has a twofold message: it represents a sharing of the sentiments of this historic period, as well as marking a major landmark in the history of the company itself. For both, Ivars’s recipe is the one learned from their many years in business: versatility, quality, design, research, diversification, attention to detail and, last but not least, a corporate philosophy placing man at the centre.


Ivars, your added value.

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