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Light and substance

22 March 2021

Venini Art Light emotions reflected in glass since 1921


Signed in 1998 by Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, VENINI’s iconic Abaco lamp takes its inspiration from the universal and perfect nature of the sphere. A symbol found in all cultures, a format once simple and complex, that encapsulates the excellence of the Fornace craftsmanship, showcasing the most refined glassblowing techniques. To celebrate the iconic design’s 20 years of success, VENINI presents new proposals for Abaco, in a horizontally suspended version, once again designed by Baldwin&Guggisberg, showing innovative compositional possibilities.

Tradition and experimentation meet in the iconic form of the Balloton. Created in the VENINI glassworks in 1970, the sphere characterised by its matelassé texture is proposed in various lamp types (table, floor, and pendant), in a single version with an oval-cylindrical shape, as well as in groupings of six spheres. With every season, new colours are introduced – the latest additions being Indigo, Tea, and Taupe – demonstrating the versatility of the original element. The trendy shades manage to transform the perception of this object crafted according to a centuries-old technique that impresses a pattern in relief on the glass, creating a fascinating optical effect.


VENINI: a story, an artistic excellence, a typically Italian passion

Founded in 1921 with its iconic projects and new creations, the glassworks presents its works in two collections: Art Glass brings together a series of extraordinary sculptural vases and objects for interior decoration; Art Light features chandeliers and important lighting installations for large public or private spaces. The structure is organised to operate with 14 ovens fired up at once, making available to the artists and master glassmakers a colour palette that has no equal. VENINI has always created objects with a timeless design that are destined to appreciate in value.

Thanks to the qualitative excellence, high artistic content, and manufacturing value inherent in each piece, the hammer prices of VENINI art glass reach record figures at major auctions; thus, the highest price ever paid for a Murano art object was for a VENINI item, “La Sentinella di Venezia” signed by Thomas Stearns in 1962, which fetched $ 737 thousand. Creations bearing the Venini signature have become part of the permanent collections of museums of such calibre as the Metropolitan Museum and MoMA in New York, the Fondation Cartier in Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Venini’s own museum contains 45,000 drawings, 10,000 vintage photos and 4,000 works of art, making it the most valuable historical archive of modern and contemporary glass art. Since 2016, the company has been controlled by the Damiani family, head of the international fine jewellery brand, with the aim of giving increased impetus to one of the most authentic examples of Italian-made excellence.

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