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Lighting for smart working

1 February 2023

Egoluce makes it possible to maintain the same level of productivity and comfort in smart working as in a classic office, thanks to good workplace lighting


Smart working has become popular among businesses and in the workplace in general. The number of workers requesting the opportunity to carry out their tasks through smart working is growing yearly. Various companies are developing new hybrid working models that combine days in the office with days working remotely. The office of the future is a dynamic and changeable space that can find different locations and is no longer just a predefined physical space. Different possibilities have emerged over the years, and one of the most intriguing ideas is smart working in hotels.

In recent years, hotels have transformed their rooms and common areas into environments with everything needed to work at best, high-speed Wi-Fi, multiple sockets, the possibility of printing documents, and the availability of food and drink. Another perk is access to all the hotel’s facilities, the swimming pool, the gym, the spa, and the restaurant. Working in hotels has become an integral part of the hospitality offering for business travelers. Efficiency is the key and demands organized appropriate spaces and technology. The main element that can improve the effectiveness of Smart Working is certainly the workstation. Creating a suitable, comfortable, and ergonomic working environment is of utmost importance. Lighting management for a space dedicated to work is imperative, as lighting also determines our productivity and contributes to creating a pleasant and comfortable environment.

The balance between artificial and natural light is one of the main aspects contemplated when choosing lightning. Sometimes it is not enough to count on the level of natural lighting to guarantee visual comfort. In these cases, it is necessary to use artificial lighting solutions that compensate for the missing brightness by balancing direct and indirect light to achieve ideal visual comfort. There are various ways to illuminate workstations, from wall lights to pendant lamps to LED spotlights. The ideal lighting for a work area is a combination of general and accent lighting. General lighting requires a beam angle of more than 90°, while accent lighting of less than 90°.

The workstation should provide uniform light with a color temperature of no less than 4000 Kelvin to aid concentration without straining the eyes. Indeed, it has been proven that productivity and concentration, can be enhanced by cool white light with a high percentage of blue. If there is little natural light, a good solution is to use a color temperature of around 6500 Kelvin for brighter light. As far as brightness is concerned, a value of 500 lx (a bulb of approx. 1000 lumens) is ideal for work, according to the European DIN EN 12464-1 standard for interior lighting in workplaces. Another important aspect is the glare index that arises from the types of lamps used in the workspaces. Lights above the workstation must not produce glare or flicker, particularly on the computer monitor. In addition to being distracting, other unfavorable effects come into play, such as headaches and fatigue. LED light is an ideal solution because it is more energy efficient and longer lasting than any other lighting technology, has a better light output, and reduces the risk of flicker.


The different types of lamps offered by Egoluce

They allow smart working environments to have appropriate illumination and efficiency while providing a touch of style. Whether table, wall, floor, or pendant, Egoluce lamps meet different needs, guaranteeing optimal lighting of spaces together with maximum visual comfort. A table lamp with simple and essential shapes, such as Zeta is a solution that illuminates punctually to direct the light where it is needed while working. Thanks to its small size, it takes up little space and can be moved anywhere according to our needs.

A floor lamp, such as Iris, is perfect for ensuring adequate illumination at the desk, following the standard on lighting in workplaces. Floor lamps are recommended in a dimmable version to adjust the light intensity according to the time of day. Equipped with an LED light source, it combines design and essentiality and is suitable for any decor.

For optimum illumination direct-emission pendant lamp, such as the Baloon, is the recommended choice. LED light sources and essential lines are the characteristic features of this article that can make smart working environments welcoming.

Another perfect solution for illuminating the workstation is a flexible wall light such as Newton that can be orientable according to where the light is needed. Versatile and modern, this wall light allows you to work in total harmony with the light and can also be placed on the ceiling as required. Moreover, it is available with an optional anti-glare honeycomb screen.

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