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Living Room, where light transforms the furniture into a daily charm

10 March 2023

For environments with a great personality to live and share, designer lamps create solutions with inimitable charm


By definition, the area of the home set aside for living is the busiest space of all. Not a showcase on display, but a habitat of many lives that nurtures relationships with others, family, friends, guests. At the same time, it is a space for ourselves, devoted to recreation and relaxation. This is why architects and designers tend to formulate solutions that are welcoming, luminous and comfortable, apart from questions of style. There are living areas of great impact, whose liveability is driven by aesthetic and functional choices, honed down to the smallest details. The relationship of full and empty zones, the selection of furnishings and complements, the full personalization of the atmosphere: these are all fundamental factors, directly or indirectly associated with the role of light. Lighting determines the distribution of functions, the character of the room, becoming an important part of the décor.

The creations of Barovier&Toso are perfect for the living area, where they can radiate all their personality. Sophisticated, fascinating, these feats of extraordinary craftsmanship epitomize an idea of unique luxury. Their exceptional character and vivid charm enable them to set the tone of an entire interior design project, representing its fulcrum or even the starting point for an entire mood. There are also works of architecture that can determine the configuration of spaces and the positioning of artificial lights. For example, rooms with high ceilings and ample proportions suggest the use of sumptuous chandeliers that extend on a vertical axis, become the true protagonists of the setting.

But the proposals offered by companies standing out for their auteur production are so vast and so customizable that they can respond to any requirements. This implies great versatility, a beauty that knows no limits. Venetian Crystal, its colours, its forms – some more voluptuous, others with a linear character – are able to enhance any project, in harmony with the furnishings and the chromatic range, or standing out as an eclectic feature that forcefully attracts the gaze. The chandeliers are also able to decorate and enhance smaller rooms, usually marking the centre and gathering the furnishings around them, including the items that most vividly suggest welcoming comfort: sofas and armchairs. More discreet but equally precious presences include the floor and table lamps, ideal for highlighting one corner of a room, or to underscore the beauty of a special sideboard or desk, creating diffused or focused luminosity.

The possibility of making completely customized projects, with different lighting scenarios that can be freely shaped, provides an even higher allure impact, to create absolutely unique and precisely tailored atmospheres.

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