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Passive safety poles: an emerging priority in road and infrastructure lighting

19 February 2024

One in four fatal accidents is caused by a vehicle colliding with a fixed obstacle. The EN 12767 Regulation as a solution. 


The need to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the protection of road users has led to the issuing of rigorous regulations and the promotion of greater responsibility and focus on safety in design and construction practices.

In this context, the EN 12767 standard emerges as a fundamental reference point for passive safety. This standard defines the requirements and procedures for evaluating the safety of road protection devices, including poles used for public lighting and other purposes. Passive safety, as defined by this legislation, focuses on the installation of devices that minimize the consequences of road accidents, protecting road users and mitigating damage to people and vehicles involved.

The company that has become a beacon in this market segment and has fully endorsed the subject of passive safety is Ital Pole Distribution, offering unique solutions such as passive safety anodized aluminum poles certified with the strictest category present: 100-NE-C.

The aforementioned products offer numerous advantages in terms of durability, resistance and low maintenance; thanks to the anodization process, the poles receive a surface protection that makes them particularly resistant to corrosion, wear and atmospheric agents, guaranteeing an exceptional durability of at least 50 years.

In addition, the use of passive safety anodized aluminum poles also allows for an innovative approach in the design and installation of road infrastructures. Thanks to the lightness and resistance of the material, it is possible to use precast concrete footings of significantly reduced size and weight, offering a highly efficient and convenient solution.

The use of lighter precast footings simplifies installation, reduces time and costs, and offers greater design flexibility and ability to adapt to the surrounding terrain. This innovative combination of aluminum poles and precast footings provides an alternative to traditional road infrastructure, improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact.


A solution perfectly aligned with the circular economy fundamentals and according to the 2030 European Green Deal (Green Pact)

In today’s context, sustainability has become a top priority across all industrial segments. Lighting and road infrastructure industry makes no exception. Faced with increasingly pressing environmental challenges as well as the need to reduce human activities’ impact on the planet, the enactment of sustainable practices and technologies has become fundamental. In this scenario, a circular economy presents itself as an effective answer to the challenge of sustainability, promoting the reuse, recycling and rethinking of production and consumption processes.

Within the road infrastructure industry, passive safety anodized aluminum poles represent an excellent example of how it is possible to integrate sustainability into production and installation processes. Thanks to their inherent characteristics of resistance, durability and recyclability, these poles offer numerous advantages from both an environmental and economic standpoint.

Anodized aluminium, thanks to its resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents, offers exceptional durability, significantly reducing the need for replacement and maintenance.

Fully recyclable, its recycling process requires a fraction of the energy needed to produce virgin aluminium, thus contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and the consumption of natural resources. Furthermore, the products offered by Ital Pole Distribution are Cradle to Cradle certified and come from a fully automated production process using renewable sources. These aspects promote a smaller ecological footprint and represent a significant step towards a sustainable future for road infrastructure.


Ital Pole Distribution

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