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SYSTEMA by Domus Line, design Andrea Federici

17 March 2023

Beyond the borderlines


Passion, courage, the ability to look beyond conventions and put experience and professionalism at the centre; these are the ingredients of Andrea Federici’s collaboration with Domus Line.

The design industry has evolved rapidly in recent years. And successful designers must no longer just ‘make things’ but be curious thinkers who understand how to improve the world around us. A blend of skills and an unconventional spirit encapsulated in the formula HDL (Holistic Design for Lighting), where design means all the research, conception and design activities aimed at the realisation of a product, and holistic (from the Greek holos: ‘whole’, ‘entire’) refers to the assertion that the whole is not the sum of the parts but the sum of its components, both material and immaterial.

The importance and fruitfulness of an orientation aimed at satisfying an ever-increasing user base is fundamental, as is a design philosophy that pushes objects beyond their traditional functionality, seeking the contamination inherent in many furnishing solutions, which for example blend the kitchen environment with the living room, and the spaces dedicated to studying, working and entertaining.


Project Concept

The holistic vision of design is therefore at the heart of the SYSTEMA project, offering infinite dimensional configurations and functional combinations of an object that focuses on the person and his or her behaviour, attitudes, motivations, and even emotions but also on the ethnographic environment in which it will be installed and used, with the aspiration of offering everyone an optimal experience. SYSTEMA is therefore a way to do better than producing for a single purpose, be it to light an environment, or supply power, services or functions, by examining the points of view of human occupation from all angles of domestic life, such as cooking, eating, studying, working, having fun, reading, socialising, etc.

Not least, the areas of installation and development of further configurations make SYSTEMA a holistic interior lighting system. To go beyond boundaries, conventions and conceptual schemes. These are the objectives of the SYSTEMA project, a name that encapsulates the essence of a proposal which transforms an everyday action – arranging things, tidying them up – into a holistic and transversal proposal – a luminous furniture system. This is fundamentally the purpose of SYSTEMA, a unique design tied to a structural linear profile that can be applied to any wall – masonry, plasterboard, wood, or metal – guaranteeing its installation without visible screws. It features two light sources, one on the lower side and one on the upper side, which can also be configured as desired with single-colour or dual-colour D-Motion sources.

The structural profile has been designed to feature both light chambers with recessed optics that, by concealing the focal point, eliminate the glare effect. The diffusers, in diffusing opal methacrylate, also available in the elegant smoked grey and smoked brown versions, run along the entire length of the profile, offering a combination of wall washing light projection on the upper side and functional light projection on the lower side. The light sources, which can be dimmed, can be controlled independently or synchronously, as can the dynamic selection or adjustment of the colour temperature between warm white and natural white tones.

The shelf hooks onto the groove of the structural profile with a simple gesture allowing the product to be configured according to specific space organisation requirements. In this way, the shelf is transformed into a true furnishing accessory, offering dynamism and movement to the walls and guaranteeing the typical functionality of support with the different shelves, each of which features an elegant containing edge. The light shelf can therefore always be configured in different ways, to create minimalist bookcases and wall units, to decorate the entrance hall as a pocket emptier, as a bedside shelf, and of course in the kitchen too, where it keeps things tidy, giving the decor an effect of absolute lightness.

SYSTEMA can be configured with a range of accessories developed specifically for the kitchen, and designed in detail to best meet the various needs, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in the different areas of use. The NETY module is a power control and distribution unit that includes a power supply for the LED light sources, two power sockets, two USB-C sockets and two touch dimmer switches. NETY, like each of the SYSTEMA accessories, can be attached to the groove of the structural profile with a simple gesture, allowing configurations according to specific requirements of space organisation and function.

SYSTEMA, a single profile that transcends conventions and the traditional boundaries between luminaire and furnishing accessory, resulting in an interior lighting collection that combines design and architecture, functionality and lighting dimension, services and creativity.


Domus Line – Systema

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