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Zhaga D4i certification: smart, future-proof LED luminaires with IoT Connectivity

27 March 2022

Fael LUCE has joined the Zhaga consortium


Fael LUCE has joined the Zhaga consortium and all the luminaires of CHALLENGE and PROXIMO street lighting series together with all the luminaires of DOMINO urban lighting are Zhaga-D4i certified to ensure countless advantages and transform your city into a real Smart City! Nowadays it is increasingly important to have open, interoperable and deployable lighting networks to promote innovation and increase the range of public utility services.


Zhaga D4i certification

Zhaga D4i is a joint certification programme between Zhaga and the DALI Alliance (DiiA). The Zhaga consortium and DALI Alliance have unveiled their joint Zhaga-D4i certification program to produce a single Zhaga-D4i certification with the aim of enabling interchangeability of luminaire components from different manufacturers and therefore, without any brand constraints.


Why choose Zhaga-D4i certified Fael LUCE Luminaires?

The choice of installing Zhaga-D4i certified Fael LUCE luminaires is synonymous with guarantee and reliability. Guarantee because the installed luminaires can interact with the nodes of all Zhaga-D4i certified suppliers; reliability because the luminaires continue to maintain the high lighting performance and 100% Made in Italy quality that distinguishes them.



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