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Egoluce explores LED lighting for Commercial Spaces

4 July 2024

Enhance the potential of any commercial environment


By examining the fundamental role of lighting in commercial spaces, Egoluce highlights how strategic lighting can shape customer experiences and influence purchasing decisions. From the type of general lighting to the types of accents and decorative lighting, Egoluce guides the designer in exploring the varied range of lighting solutions adapted to improve the commercial environment.

Now, thanks to three families of luminaires, it is possible to further explore this journey into point-of-sale lighting, with lamps perfectly suited to elevate any commercial space. They represent the meeting between innovation and functionality, not only to improve visibility and atmosphere, but also to strengthen the identity of brands and increase sales.


Rail System

The Rail System is a different way of interpreting light. A linear lighting system with direct illumination, made of extruded aluminium with a diffuser in satin or micro-prismatic methacrylate. Obtainable in either single-emission or bi-emission and available in various lengths and finishes. A screwless fitting with a built-in driver and cable fixing hidden into the profile make Rail an elegant, functional, and easy-to-install lighting system.



Large suspension lamp with direct light and turned aluminium structure and lamp holder with E27 fitting. The half-sphere shape plus the different E27 sources guarantee pleasant ambient light effects. Upon request, it is possible to customize GIOVE with different exciting finishes, to adapt to any decor.


Track 48V

48V low voltage electrified track for ceiling, wall, and suspension applications with a length of 2 m. The 48V track system can be completed with a series of accessories that are ordered separately. Spotlights from the Newton or Iris families can be positioned on the track for accent light. Segmento for diffused light has to be ordered separately. Moreover, it is possible to place various pendant lamps with the appropriate 48V adapter/power supply, to be ordered separately, too.



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