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Last October, Icone lighting illuminated the Horm Hub space

30 January 2023

The new collections of the Italian lighting brand protagonists of the “It’s time for new light” event. At the panel discussion on the future of interior design: Giulio Cappellini – Compasso d’Oro 2022 career reward, Luigino Meroni – Horm Area Manager and Fabio Melcarne -Horm CEO. 


With the event “It’s time for new light“, last October, ICONE, the innovative lighting company based in Brembate (Bergamo, IT), officially unveiled the space in Lissone (Monza Brianza, IT). In the 400 square meters surface in the city of furniture, Horm Hub Milano proposes a new way of conceiving interior design: not only an exhibition but an experience that becomes emotion.

An interior design object does not live alone. It is in tune with the environment; it must dialogue with everything around it and, above all, it has to interact with the people who are going to live in a particular space.” explains Cristiano Pagnoncelli, Icone CEO. “These are featuring elements for Horm Hub Milano: not an exhibition space, but a set of creative solutions where interaction is at the centre of everything. The showcased objects interact with each other and the space in which they are, also thanks to the innovative technological solutions proposed by Neven and the environments created by Novacolor, a leader in wall and floor decorations. Dialogue is also the heart of Icone strategy: we aim for dialogue with professionals and the possibility of showing our lamps in contexts similar to their style.

In the Horm Hub Milano, Icone showcases established collections that find a new soul and dynamism in the Lissone setting with the decorative customizing effects by Novacolor. In the nuance chosen by architect Barbara Sansonetti, the mineral lime-based finish Marmorino Ks Novacolor will enhance a new wall of the Hub space and the Caveau lamp designed by Marco Pagnoncelli.

Icone then presented the 2022 novelties such as Masai and Essenza, up to the latest entry at Icone house: the Lama collection designed by Giulio Cappellini and Leonardo Talarico. The essentiality of the shapes proposed by Icone’s design becomes the starting point to bring Horm Hub Milano to life. “With this event, we officially open a space which revolutes the exhibition concept“, said Luigino Meroni, Horm Area Manager. “Our goal is not to show, but to bring an environment to life, transforming it into a place for evaluation and inspiration. Go beyond the single object to create a new living full of emotions. Icone collections, Horm furnishing, Neven and Novacolor proposals actually open up a new way of conceiving design. A theme extensively discussed in the talk, as a focus in the event itself“.

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