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The digital system to manage custom-made interior design

3 December 2020

3D LAB by FitArt


FitArt has been operating in the technical furniture sector since 1992, internationally recognized for having created and produced particularly innovative and efficient modular systems. Its products are characterized by functional and minimal design that blends in with the choices of professionals of the sector. To consolidate the expressions of structural and assembly simplicity, the company has dedicated the last 10 years to the development of a digital system that solves the design and management of custom-made interior proposals for those who share the similar visions of quality, sobriety and elegance.

The long experience in supporting furniture craftsmanship and hardware wholesalers has consolidated the FitArt’s technical staff knowledge of problems faced daily by those who work with furnishing solutions. This wealth of experience has led FitArt to the creation of a software to configure custom-made fittings. The program itself differs from the traditional methods which are normally based on standard modules set by cabinets and sides. A real simplified “custom-made” is what really distinguishes the proposal of FitArt, meant to solve, from the very first design phases, both the sales and production procedures. The result of this commitment is called 3DLab.

3DLab is a set of customizations created to design equipped walls, self-supporting structures, walk-in closets, spaces equipped with removable shelves, special furnishings, partitions, “boiserie” for kitchen or living rooms or bookcases, etc.. or all those design frameworks to be approached with modular systems. 3DLab has been meant to meet the needs of craftsmen and interior design companies, professional hardware and DIY centers and of all those who intend to offer a complete service to their customers. It is also addressed to furniture industries who want to embrace contemporary design at competitive prices.

3DLab designs a custom-made layout in about 10 minutes, personalizing every detail and providing a quote based on user’s material range (any panels or surfaces). In fact the 3DLab allows the insertion of the basic materials chosen by the user company, providing a simplified management of the warehouse handling as well as its costs. The configurator generates an immediate render, this gives the possibility to update the project in a very short time according to the needs and specific requests of the customer. Once the project is defined, the program provides the detailed list of components, processing and DWG sheets. The 3DLab takes advantage of the fitting features of FitArt products – a range that exceeds 3000 items, more than half of which refer to exclusive international patents, and represents the highest level of simplification of installation phases. It is also possible to combine 3DLab with the other hardware components which can comply with its basic principle, i.e. no constraint of standard sizes but total compositional freedom.

The absolutely innovative approach, proposed by FitArt’s 3DLab, is to give the possibility to choose materials and surfaces according to the user’s preferences, in total freedom. Solving dimensional and design problems, the system provides all cutting and production features of the structural parts, simplifying the production cycle of the parts managed by the user. So, in particular, the user is facilitated by just-in-time supply of FitArt hardware parts – the most advanced range of products to realize customized knock-down kits, which do not require any pre-assembly – to be combined with the user’s elements (panels, shelves, cabinets, etc.) managed and calculated by 3DLab. The resulting creation by the user company will always be characterized by a customized design and an efficient presentation.

The FitArt’s technical department will study together with the user the most suitable display configuration for the point of sale, as well as the selection of sample items to match at best the type of proposal the user company wants to do with the 3DLab. Together with a series of preconfigured display proposals, on which the user will intervene with his own materials and colors, there is also a very interesting proposal that allows, in a few square meters, to have everything you need for a point of sale – 3DBOX   a customized furnishing set.

The 3DBOX fully incorporates the concepts described so far, offering a presentation in a very little space. It is designed to facilitate the work of the professional, allowing him to welcome the customer in a comfortable and soundproofed environment, equipped with a desk, sofa and wired with a large format monitor on the 3DLab client. The samples and the accessories in different finishes, inside and outside the 3DBox, give the possibility to the final customer to touch the product.

The characteristics of these proposals put FitArt in line with the companies that in the design sector have already created the conditions to satisfy the most demanding customers, i.e. those who intend to commercially exploit the new generation sales supports.For this reason, the 3DLab is ready to benefit from the interface with render farm or the use of viewers for virtual or augmented reality, for which we are witnessing rapid developments in the contexts of B2C sales.



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