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The Tech Thickness applied: Mia Modular System by Luce5

20 February 2024

Modularity in furniture as a design decision and choice of sustainability as an environmental commitment


Mia Modular System is a piece of furniture with integrated light

Modular, multifunctional and sturdy, the Mia Modular System has a rational, essential and clean design; indeed, thanks to fine engineering work and the care in the product aesthetics, no technical element is visible. The extraordinary versatility of the Mia Modular System project makes it possible to furnish and decorate contemporary environments, responding to every need in terms of size and dimensions. Thanks to its design flexibility, the Mia Modular System has been designed to be inserted in any environment: it can act as a decorative wall or as a bookcase, as a partition wall or as a display for knick-knacks that need to stand out, or even as a light filler for spaces that do not have a specific connotation.

The Mia Modular System is based on an electrified supporting structure. A slender, airy frame allows the LED light to transfer onboard the Mia display cases (designed with TT technology) that complete the product. It is possible to position and install the display cases on the electrified supporting structure as desired, according to the aesthetic and functional requirements required. With attention to the tiniest construction details, the Mia Modular System gives personality and beauty to the spaces it inserts into.

More than a System, it is a furnishing project that embodies Luce5‘s know-how, vision, creative originality, technical smartness and design intuition built over many years of commitment to challenging and complex projects. The Mia Modular System, almost entirely made of aluminium, has been designed to have a long life cycle and, therefore, with low ecological impact, as aluminium can be 100% recycled and reused indefinitely. In addition, the mechanical characteristics of the aluminium itself guarantee heat dissipation without adding any dissipative element to the furniture structure.

This new way of conceiving furniture opens a new door in the design world, as it allows architects and designers to create furnishings with integrated light, and therefore, thinking about shapes and geometries that were previously difficult to achieve. The background of the cases mounted on the supporting structure can be a motif chosen by the customer, from fabric to backlit stone or leather. This decorative option can be the pretext to characterize the furnished wall, giving further personality to the piece of furniture. If the backgrounds of the display cases are all the same, a piece of furniture will appear discreet and “reassuring”, blending harmoniously with the furnishing context. On the contrary, if the customer chooses a “wavy” option, daring different colours and materials for the various display cases, then the Mia Modular System would acquire a considerable and dynamic personality, becoming a distinctive piece of furniture that sure will be noticed!

The Mia Modular System is a project allowing significant compositional freedom, an available tool for Luce5’s customers to organize and compose the walls following the creativity, functional needs and essentials of a constantly evolving home.

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